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Object Name Clock, Wall
Catalog Number 83.82.10
Collection Timepiece
Other Name Boulle Bracket Clock
Date 1850-1870
Description C 1860
3 Fates and Minerva
Matching Wall Bracket
Square plate movement
Maker Vincenti et Cie
Place of Origin Paris, France
Notes A square plate movement, Boulle refers to the decorative style of inlay on the case of the clock. The clock shows the three fates of Greek mythology weaving the thread of life as they controlled the lives of every mortal. Clotho, on the left, spun the thread of life that determined the time of birth and other life events. Her sister Lachesis, on the right, measured the length of the thread that decided a person's destiny. The third fate, Atropos, in the middle, cut the thread of life to choose the method of death. Atop the clock, Athena a daughter of Zeus and goddess of widom and strategy, keeps watch with her spear and shield. (Information taken from Sacred exhibit, 2016)
The case features Minerva at the top with the three fates spinning the thread of destiny at the base of the glass. These mythological figures are common on Boulle work cases and french clocks. The brass mounts on this case are gilded and stamped with the initials HPR on the back.

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